Formacar Action Web3 Racing Game

Pre-Beta is live

The new Formacar Action Pre-Beta is already available and open for everyone to play!


You found a GameFi project like no other!



Pre-Beta release is Public and available for everyone on Android & iOS


Blockchain features

We implement the best Web3 mechanics for a new level of racing gaming


Plenty of content

Various tracks, supercars, drive modes and more, including online races


Multilevel NFT cars and tuning

Become a garage owner of the best cars, upgrading their characteristics


Compete for pizes

Practice and play against opponents in tourneys, winning valuable prizes


Full immersion in the real world of luxury cars

Hurry up to become the greatest pilot in
Formacar's automotive metaverse


First GameFi-powered mobile racing game

Immerse yourself in an amazing interactive experience with cars by participating in races, completing online and offline missions, collecting NFTs and winning rewards and prizes.


Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 $FCG





Private 1


Private 2



















Cars, tuning components, characters, lootboxes, gas stations, car dealerships and more

Hurry up to get into the Formacar meTaverse!


Complete game modes daily, complete tasks and farm tokens. Upgrade NFTcar or buy a more cool car


#1 Game mode

CryptoRace — is a classic racing sim game featuring unique car racing and tuning mechanics that enable players to participate in events, missions, races and tournaments.


#2 Game mode

Drive-on-Line — is a social platform for users who appreciate cars and driving in an open-world environment filled with activities to participate in.







Buy, develop, earn, communicate, enjoy!

Formacar MetaVerse is a virtual world where players can create, own, monetize their Assets - cars, land, garages, competition tracks, car dealerships, gas stations, bars, service stations and more.

Any User can walk around it, interact with other participants. And the most important thing is to watch the competitions held by other participants, cheer for someone, and place bets. And if you have your own car, then you can drive freely through the Formacar Metaverse universe.



  • 1Q 2020

    • Formulating the idea of the Formacar Metaverse.
    • Shaping the idea of a unique large-scale CryptoRace- and F2P-based crypto game.
  • 2Q 2020

    • Hiring professional UX/UI design specialists.
    • Hiring the best game developers.
    • Starting the development of the Formacar Action game.
  • 3Q 2020

    • Hiring a team of 20 3D modeling specialists.
  • 4Q 2020

    • Starting the development of the Formacar Action app for the Google Play Market and Apple App Store.


  • 1Q-3Q 2021

    • Developing and testing the first iteration of Formacar Action.
    • Fixing initial bugs and making revisions based on exposed flaws.
  • 4Q 2021

    • Starting the second stage of Formacar Action development.
    • Testing the alpha version of the game.


  • 1Q 2022

    • Preparing for market launch.
    • Optimizing the app for App Store.
  • 2Q 2022

    • Creating the website.
    • Packaging the Formacar Action project.
    • Creating a smart contract for the $FCG utility token.
  • 3Q 2022

    • Actively developing the project’s crypto architecture.
    • Conducting a Seed Round of the FCG token.
    • Presenting new game mode concept: Drive-on-Line.
    • Developing a marketing strategy for Formacar Action.
    • Developing the alpha version of Formacar Action.
  • 4Q 2022

    • Designing NFT collections for the alpha version.
    • Creating smart contracts for NFT collections.
    • Auditing FCG smart contracts.
    • Launching sales of the NFT collections granting access to the alpha version of Formacar Action.
    • Releasing the Formacar Action alpha version on iOS & Android platforms.
    • Conducting an active marketing campaign for Formacar Action.


  • 1Q 2023

    • Beginning NFT collection development.
    • Developing the pre-Beta version of the Formacar Action game.
    • Preparing in-game smart contracts.
    • Developing the IT architecture, user interface and marketplace functionality.
    • Increasing the number of partners within the project.
  • 2Q 2023

    • Partnerships with gaming guilds.
    • Launching the Formacar Action pre-Beta version on IOS / Android with public access.
    • Conducting pre-Beta marketing campaign.
    • Expanding the boundaries of the community and developing local chats.
    • Engaging advisors to enhance the project’s expertise.
    • Obtaining pre-Beta reviews from local bloggers.
  • 3Q 2023

    • Unlocking FCG token farming.
    • Preparing for the DEX listing of the FCG token.
    • Attending crypto events, meeting potential partners.
    • Fundraising for future development.
    • ASO for different countries, regular game updates on the Google Play and App Store.
    • Updating project documentation (Whitepaper, Pitch Deck, smart contracts).
  • 4Q 2023

    • Airdrops.
    • Creation of an NFT lootbox collection.
    • Launching the Beta version of the Formacar Action game (CryptoRace part) with new mechanics and in-game items.
    • Beta promotional campaign.
    • Adding a calendar of in-game events and tournaments.


  • 1Q-2Q 2024

    • Implementing Drive-on-Line mechanics in Formacar Action.
    • Holding Presale Rounds on Launchpad and own platform.
    • Creating the NFT collection ‘Genesis’.
    • FCG token DEX listing.
    • FCG staking.
    • Beginning the development of the Formacar Autoverse.
    • Listing on top 10 exchanges.
  • 3Q-4Q 2024

    • Releasing Drive-on-Line mechanics.
    • Creating the NFT collection ‘Drive-on-Line’.
    • Establishing a game development studio and a publishing division within the company.
    • Scaling up Formacar Action by expanding its geographical coverage.
    • Starting the presale of land plots, buildings and structures in the Formacar Autoverse.
    • Final release of the Formacar Autoverse.
    • Planning the next projects within a unified economic space.


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What is Formacar Action?

Formacar Action is a 3D Racing GameFi project that will immerse you in an automotive universe of the future and open up new opportunities for growth in the Web3 industry.

Enjoy the gameplay, upgrade your NFT assets, compete with other players and win unique prizes!

Formacar Action was released as Pre-Beta Free-to-Play version for Android and iOS on May 11, 2023.

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What NFTs will Formacar Action have?

NFTs in Formacar Action include the coolest realistic cars, parts, components, units, tuning elements, land, gas & service stations, team members and much more!

What is $FCG token?

The FormacarGame ($FCG) is an utility token based on BNB Chain adopted by the Formacar Action platform. All sales, purchases, reward payments in the Formacar Action game are being processed using the $FCG.

What blockchain does Formacar Action use?

BNB Chain is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions with minimal fees.

What gameplay is there in the game?

Despite the fact that the game is in its second stage of testing, we have taken care to ensure that our players can enjoy the gameplay.— 4 different game modes: Sprint, Circuit, Drift, Freeride.— 7 supercars with different characteristics.— 5 beautiful race tracks.— $FCG reward system [Unique for this release!]

How can I buy $FCG token?

You will be able to buy $FCGs when the next IDO round starts. Stay tuned so you do not miss the announcement.