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You found a GameFi project like no other!


Game all ready to go

Will be available immediately after the sale of the NFT Collection and IDO


3D game graphics


6 different types of races, including free ride


Tuning both technical and aesthetic


Compete with your friends and other players


Full immersion in the real world of luxury cars

Hurry up to become the first pilot in Formacar's automotive metaverse


First GameFi-powered mobile racing game

Immerse yourself in an amazing interactive experience with cars by participating in races, completing online and offline missions, collecting NFTs and winning rewards and prizes


Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 $FCG



Game pool


Marketing & Development




Private Sale & IDO









NFTs - Cars, parts, land, garages, competition tracks, car dealerships, gas stations and more

#000007410 8592/20000


Formacar Ultra
#160327001 2838/20000


Formacar PRO
#007291045 1109/20000

Sly fox

Formacar Start
#199200361 10011/20000


Formacar Ultra
#475918578 3904/20000


Formacar PRO
#200038901 2300/20000

Rolling pin

Formacar Start
#005193411 14120/20000


Formacar Ultra
#300017231 1524/20000


Formacar Start

Hurry up and get into the Formacar Metaverse!


Complete game modes daily, complete tasks and farm tokens.
Upgrade NFT car or buy a more cool car

Free Ride

#1 Game mode

The Free Ride mode has no set route to follow.
Players have the following interaction opportunities in this mode:

  • Pick up crates (loot boxes) randomly appearing on the map
  • Interact with other players via chat
  • Complete tasks received from other players, e.g. give someone a lift
  • Complete randomly generated tasks
  • Create Gathering (i.e., meeting) points with other players or attend existing Gathering points
  • Farm tokens, as long as there is enough fuel

Race Mode

#2 Game mode

Driving mode on a specific route built on the map. The goal of the player is to reach from point A to point B. Upon reaching the goal, the player will receive a reward in the form of a loot box (s), the quantity and quality depends on NFT car.


car dealership


gas station

Service station


Buy, develop, earn, communicate, enjoy!

Formacar MetaVerse is a virtual world where players can create, own, monetize their Assets - cars, land, garages, competition tracks, car dealerships, gas stations, bars, service stations and more.

Any User can walk around and interact with other participants. Most importantly, Users can watch the competitions held by other participants, cheer for someone and place bets. And if you have your own car, then you can drive freely through the Formacar Metaverse.


  • 1Q 2020

    • The idea is born for the Formacar Metaverse.
    • The idea is born for a unique, large-scale crypto game with P2E and F2P modes.
  • 2Q 2020

    • Hiring UX/UI design professionals.
    • Recruiting the best game developers.
    • Starting the development of the Formacar Action game.
  • 3Q 2020

    • Hiring a team of 20 3D modelling professionals.
  • 4Q 2020

    • Starting the development of the Formacar Action Application for Google Play and App Store.
  • 1Q 2021 - 3Q 2021

    • Develop and test the first iteration of Formaсar Action.
    • Eliminate any early-development bugs and detected errors.
  • 4Q 2021

    • Start the second development stage of Formacar Action.
    • Test the alpha version of the game.
  • 1Q 2022

    • Prepare for market launch.
    • Improve the application for App Store.
  • 2Q 2022

    • Create the website.
    • Package the Formacar Action project.
    • Create the smart contract for the $FCG Utility Token.
  • 3Q 2022

    • Active development of the crypto architecture for the project.
    • $FCG Token Seed Round.
    • Drive2Earn (D2E) mode concept preview.
    • Start developing a marketing strategy for Formacar Action.
    • Develop the Formacar Action Alpha.
  • 4Q 2022

    • Design NFT collections for the Alpha version.
    • Create smart contracts for the NFT collections.
    • Complete $FCG Smart Contract audit.
    • Launch NFT collection sales for Alpha game access.
    • Release the Alpha version of the game on iOS and Android.
    • Conduct an active promotional campaign for Formacar Action.

  • 1Q 2023

    • Develop the D2E mechanics for Formacar Action.
    • Hold a Presale Round on our own platform.
    • Launch Formacar Action Beta on iOS/Android and open access for all users.
    • Prepare for DEX token listing.
    • Implement the D2E mechanics in the game release.
  • 2Q 2023

    • Release the Production version of Formacar Action.
    • Release the D2E mechanics.
    • Hold a Presale Round on Launchpad.
    • List the $FCG token on DEX.
    • Open $FCG farming.
    • Open $FCG staking.
    • Start the development of the Formacar Metaverse.
  • 3Q 2023

    • Start offering land plots, buildings and structures for sale in the Formacar AutoVerse.
    • Get listed on 10 largest exchanges.
    • Release the Formacar Metaverse.


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What is Formacar Action?

Formacar Action is a large-scale GameFi project that will immerse you in an automotive universe of the future and open up new opportunities for growth in the crypto industry.
Participate in races, complete daily missions with other players and claim your rightfully earned prizes and tokens.
With the help of NFTs, players can raise their status and improve their game stats by unlocking various new leveling mechanics and buying wheels and tuning parts.
Formacar Action will make its alpha version debut on iOS and Android as early as December 2022.

What NFTs does Formacar Action have?

NFTs in Formacar Action include the coolest realistic cars, parts, components, units, tuning elements, land, gas stations, service stations, team members and much more! Buy, develop and earn together with Formacar Action!

What is $FCG token?

The $FCG Token is a utility token of the Bep-20 (BSC) format adopted by the Formacar Action platform. All sales, purchases, reward payments in the Formacar Action game and the Formacar MetaVerse are being processed using the $FCG Utility Token.

What blockchain does Formacar use?

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions with minimal fees.

What modes are there in Formacar Action?

We offer multiple play modes with different opportunities:
  • Ring/Sprint (Standard ride)
  • Drift
  • Free (Freeride)
  • Drag
  • Escape
All players can earn, but your earnings depend not only on your driving skills, but also on the class of the car and its characteristics.


In order to become a happy owner of cool NFTs, you need to get into the WhiteList, which we will open in the near future. Then you will have the opportunity to purchase the first gaming NFTs.

How can I buy $FCG token?

You can purchase the $FCG token at the next IDO round. You will also need to get into the WhiteList for this.